Tips For Improving Your Driving Manners

Driving manners are the general rules of courtesy that communities expect drivers to follow while driving. Many of them date back to the early days of horse-drawn carriages. Here are some tips to improve your driving manners. Listed below are some important driving rules:


Avoid tailgating

Whether you’re driving alone or in a convoy, it’s important to avoid tailgating while you’re driving. This can lead to poor decisions, and potentially an accident. To avoid tailgating, use your satnav to determine a safe distance between you and the car in front. Whenever possible, use alternate routes so that you can reduce your risk of being hit by a car tailgating you.

Be polite

While on the road, you should be polite to other drivers and use your signals. Using your turn signals is important in many ways, but none is as important as using them in traffic. Using your turn signals will increase your safety by preventing accidents. Don’t speed – this can cause an accident, which will increase damage to the car. Also, be sure to let drivers ahead of you know that you’ll be using your turn signal before you start moving. This will give you enough time to either brake or cut someone off if they make a turn.

Be considerate

It’s important to be considerate when driving, especially around elderly people. This means reading the road ahead and making decisions about your position and speed. You’ll want to follow the Highway Code’s guidelines for slow moving traffic, too. Be considerate and slow down when passing an elderly person, especially in a park. You don’t want to run into an accident. You can also help make the area safer by slowing down to five kilometers per hour when possible.

Make way for emergency vehicles

When approaching a road intersection, make way for emergency vehicles by moving to the right. These vehicles are usually traveling in groups and must be given a wide berth. Then, proceed slowly. Keep your distance from these emergency vehicles to avoid a collision. Be alert to emergency vehicles when merging or changing lanes. They often respond to calls in groups. Always check for them before proceeding. Similarly, you should make way for emergency vehicles in slow/right lanes as well.

Avoid being rude to pedestrians

It’s important to avoid being rude to pedestrians when driving on the road. It’s not only polite, but it ensures a safe driving environment for everyone. Avoid changing lanes without any reason and pay attention to traffic signs. Distracted driving can be deadly for pedestrians and can result in fatal accidents. When possible, always stop at a zebra crossing and make sure the pedestrian walking light is green.