Minivans for People on the Go

수원운전연수 Minivans are built for people on the go. Whether it’s carting kids to soccer practice or hauling sheets of plywood to a job site, these versatile vehicles can handle it all.


They can accommodate up to eight people and offer flexible seating in different configurations. Many models feature power-reclining seats and a telescoping steering wheel so drivers of all sizes can find a comfortable position behind the wheel.


Whether you need to install baby seats or you’re hauling around an entire team of soccer players, a minivan can accommodate your family with ease. It’s also a good choice for tradesmen who often transport tools and equipment with their families or taxi drivers who regularly shuttle groups of people.

Modern minivans feature more living-room-like levels of comfort than their SUV and truck brethren, including power reclining second-row seats with footrests and high-definition displays. Most models also offer a tailgate position for the third-row seat, which allows passengers to enjoy the view and a little legroom without having to crawl over their siblings or parents.

Another great thing about minivans is that they’re easy to get into and out of, thanks to modest ground clearance, large rear doors and cabins that aren’t as tall as SUVs. That makes getting into and out of them more akin to walking into a room than ducking down or climbing into low cars or tall SUVs.

For the driver, many modern minivans also have adjustable pedals and 수원운전연수 a telescoping steering wheel. Those features are especially helpful for shorter people, as they allow them to bring the pedals closer to the floor and better tailor their driving positions. Moreover, the wide cabins and large cargo holds of modern minivans help make them surprisingly comfortable for long drives.


A minivan is an obvious choice for large families who need to transport multiple people and lots of cargo. The roomy cabins offer endless comfort and convenience features that make daily driving or even those long family road trips a breeze.

For example, many modern models offer dual power-sliding doors that let you open them hands-free. This helps prevent those juggling acts that are usually required when you’re carrying groceries or kids. It also saves your car from door dings as you’re navigating tight parking spaces.

Other convenient features include rear-seat entertainment systems that provide your kids with their own personal screens for movies and games. And the seats in some models can be shifted sideways to give passengers in the second row more legroom. Parents can keep an eye on their little ones in the back with Chrysler’s FamCam feature, which displays a video feed from the minivan’s rear-facing cameras.

And because most minivans are designed as home on wheels, they have tons of clever storage compartments and bins. Some have onboard hard drives where you can store thousands of music MP3 files or a couple dozen family-friendly movies. Others have run-flat tires that can be driven up to 50 miles on flat wheels, avoiding the hassle of changing a tire in remote areas. New minivans also typically come with the latest safety gear and a bumper-to-bumper factory warranty.


Whether you’re in full-fledged family mode or just need something to haul the kids and all their stuff around, you’ll want a minivan with excellent crash test scores. That’s why we rank every model according to its safety performance in tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

We also take into account available advanced safety features that help you keep your kids (and everyone else on the road) safe and sound. Examples of these include lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking. Some of these systems are available on multiple models and some only on certain trim levels, so make sure you check out our rankings to learn more about each van’s safety features.

In general, minivans don’t provide thrilling driving dynamics, but they do offer a smooth, comfortable ride and have plenty of room for passengers and cargo. Plus, they’re typically cheaper to insure than SUVs and crossovers because of lower accident and theft numbers.

While most modern minivans perform well in IIHS testing, one manufacturer is really standing out among its competitors: Toyota’s Sienna. It is the only van in this class to feature seatbelt reminders for the second and third rows, which aren’t federally mandated but can save lives if drivers forget to buckle their children up.


In a vehicle market flooded with SUVs, minivans offer a welcome alternative. With three rows of sliding doors, flexible seating configurations, and room for everyone and everything, a minivan can make life on the go a breeze.

Despite being out of style for a while, minivans are regaining popularity with families and offering plenty of value. In addition to the seating options and flexible cargo solutions, many of today’s minivans also feature innovative infotainment systems, standard and available safety and security features, and more.

The Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Pacifica, and Kia Carnival are among the best models in this segment. Each offers a unique take on the classic minivan formula, but they all offer a comfortable ride and good fuel economy. The Honda Odyssey is one of the most engaging minivans to drive, while the Sienna and Pacifica offer exceptional value. The Kia Carnival stands out for its novel second-row seating concept, with reclining seats that slide far forward for myriad seating arrangements.

Unlike SUVs, which often feature all-wheel drive, minivans tend to use front-wheel drive, which cuts down on manufacturing costs and passes savings onto consumers. Similarly, some manufacturers offer models that can run on both gasoline and electric power (Disclosure: Chrysler’s plug-in hybrid Pacifica), further cutting down on the total cost of ownership.