Blackout Curtain Panels

커튼설치 Blackout curtain panels are a stylish and practical way to moderate light exposure in the home. They can also help reset your circadian rhythm and improve sleep disorders.


One of Kokenes’ favorites is Pottery Barn’s flax linen option. It features a richly textured fabric and can be hung via rod pocket, back tabs or ring top. It has polyester blackout lining and offers thermal insulation and noise reduction.

Light Blocking

Blackout curtains block out almost all light rays from entering your home, creating a dark, intimate atmosphere. They are available in a range of colors and patterns, though the most popular options remain dark and solid. The thickness of the fabric used to make the curtains determines their opacity; thicker fabrics are more effective at blocking out light rays than thinner ones.

The fabric and style of the curtains also affect how much light is blocked, as do the way they’re hung. Some have wide metallic holes called grommets, which should be positioned high enough on the rod so they don’t hang over the window frame and let in light. Other types of drapery have a rod pocket or back tabs, with the latter option offering more versatility in terms of how you position them on your rod and in what style they hang.

Curtain opacity can be further enhanced by layering them with sheers. Choose a color that matches or complements your blackout curtains, and let the sheers mark a stark contrast with your base layer. This can create a visually interesting effect, but it’s important to ensure that the fabric of your base layer is light and not too patterned as it may wash out when exposed to sunlight.

Laurel Foundry’s blackout curtain panels are a 커튼설치 great option for those on a budget, as they can be purchased in a range of sizes and colors. Many reviewers have given this insulated curtain panel the thumbs-up, with some raving about its ability to not only block light, but also reduce noise and provide thermal insulation.

Noise Reduction

The thick material that Blackout curtain panels are made of can help to reduce noise from outside. This is especially useful if you live in a noisy area or if your kids are always running around the house.

Blackout curtains are not meant to be soundproof, but they can reduce noise by absorbing some of it and also acting as an insulation layer to protect your room from the outside noises. Many of the soundproof Blackout curtains on this list are made with triple layers and are advertised as being able to reduce some exterior noise, although not all of them are advertised as being as good as noise reduction curtains that you would get from a company that specializes in making noise reduction products.

Some of the Blackout curtain panels on this list are very heavy and may weigh down your curtain rod or hooks. It’s important to choose a set of curtains that are the right weight for your window. Too light and your curtain won’t do its job, too heavy and it could rip your curtain rod out of the wall.

These are the most affordable option on this list and are triple woven to reduce noise. People who bought them for noise reduction purposes reported that they did help to reduce noise from the outside and absorb some of the echoes inside the room. They are available in several lengths, but not widths, so if you have wide windows you will need to buy more than one panel. They are machine washable and can be ironed on low.

Thermal Insulation

Most curtains on the thick side insulate to some degree, but thermal insulated curtains do so particularly well. These types of curtains typically feature a heavy decorative layer on one side and an acrylic foam or flannel on the other that acts as an insulator. Depending on the fabric type (petroleum, PVC, wool, etc), they may carry a slightly higher price tag than standard fully lined curtains, but are also better at keeping heat in and energy out of your home.

Curtains specifically designed just for blackout purposes tend to only block out light and don’t provide as much insulation as other types of fully lined curtains. However, many blackout curtains are advertised as thermal curtains and do have a higher level of insulation, which can help reduce cold air entering the house in the winter and warm air escaping during the summer.

For an added level of insulation, many of the top rated blackout curtain panels come with a built in rod pocket and back tabs that allow them to be hung with a wide range of curtain rods, from 1.25″ up to 2.5″. This allows you to install them as you normally would, but gives you the option to use a heavier rod if you’d like for increased warmth and insulating power. Some of these insulated curtain panels are also equipped with noise reducing technology and can be made to your exact window dimensions to eliminate the need to try and fit into major retailers’ sizing options.


If you’re looking to block out light while maintaining your privacy and adding style to your space, blackout curtains are a great option. They are available in a variety of fabrics and designs, and can help reduce noise levels and improve energy efficiency. However, it’s important to understand the difference between a curtain and drape, so you can find the best option for your needs.

Curtains are typically lighter in weight and appearance than drapes, and often include only one layer of fabric. However, many of the best blackout curtain panels we tested feature a thicker weave and multiple layers that provide room-darkening benefits. These features make them ideal for a bedroom, home office or living room.

When selecting a blackout curtain, pay close attention to the fabric and color. The fabric type and how dense the weave is affects the fabric’s ability to block out light, as does the color. Darker colors tend to be more effective, as they absorb light and heat better than lighter shades.

Also consider how the curtains will hang, with options including rod pocket, grommet or tape. Each style has its pros and cons, but if you opt for grommets, remember to install them high enough that the curtains don’t cover the rod holes. Some panels also come with a weighted bottom hem or magnetic strip, which further help prevent light seepage and improve insulation.